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        Weapon level equipment, pirley warship series American nine ball club bag

        Browse:758 Author: Source: Time:2020-06-08 Classification:News

        Pei Peili's new warship series (ws-001, ws-002) American style nine ball club bag perfectly interprets Peili's product concept of keeping improving with its warship like strong lines and reasonable Club protection functions.
        The exterior is made of high-grade imported fabric, which has great tensile strength and wear resistance as well as high water resistance. The back is made of one-piece green, environment-friendly and pollution-free material film pressing technology, which has high corrosion resistance, and can ensure good shockproof, buffering and moisture-proof effect no matter in cold or hot weather. The large ring handle and the thickened belt cushion let you move freely no matter which way you use!!
        The interior adopts a cutting-edge design, the close detachable pole bag avoids the collision caused by the shaking after insertion, and the shockproof cotton technology is added to make the protection "double safe"; the more humanized front large bag with icon prompt inside makes the gun powder, gloves, jumping pole and other accessories reasonably distributed among them, just like the fighters in a warship, Each kind of accessory is on own combat post!
        Peri pili's new warship pole bag is simple and strong in appearance, avant-garde and fashionable, with fine workmanship and reasonable layout.
        Warship series club bag, the bodyguard of the club!!!
        Laili national billiards equipment flagship stores have sales.