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        Ten famous brands of billiards club

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        According to the statistical analysis of the off-line sales data of billiards clubs, the top ten famous brands of billiards clubs are CX, predator group, mystery, Gono, Jianying, Haibo, BS billiards clubs, Wandi, maple leaf and LP. Here is a detailed list of the top ten famous brands of billiards club.


        According to the 2017-2022 report on the market segmentation research of Chinese Billiard Club Industry and the in-depth investigation and analysis of key enterprises < / a >, generally speaking, the club should not be shorter than 91cm, the club is too long, and the use is not easy to master, which has an impact on both aiming and hitting, so it is necessary to choose a suitable club for itself. The rod body is round, thin in front and thick in back, straight, with a length of 1.3m-1.5m, and the diameter of the rod head (thin end) is about 9-12mm. The quality of the leather head directly affects the hitting. The leather head is made of high-quality leather and is elastic. It can control the impact force when hitting the ball and prevent slipping. In order to prevent slipping, the leather head should be rubbed with astringent powder after hitting the ball three or four times. Always trim and polish the leather head to make it in the best condition. The rod head is generally made of hard metal or plastic, and the leather head is stuck on the rod head, which also plays a protective role.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: CX

        Founded in 1987, after more than 20 years of technical precipitation, Guangdong Taishan innovation billiards Products Co., Ltd. has made every effort to customize high-end billiards clubs for customers. Its outstanding hand feel and meticulous handmade technology have been unanimously praised by all players in the country, and the overall production level ranks among the forefront of peers in the country. The company has an independent enterprise brand, exquisite production technology can be compared with the national football brand.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: predator group

        As the leader of the world billiards industry, predator group has been committed to continuously bringing more innovative billiards products to the world's Billiards fans, which will help to improve the level of the ball technology. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, the predictor group has three brands, predictor cues, poison billiards and uni LOC. Predictor cues, which is mainly engaged in advanced professional poles and high-tech front festivals, especially the front festivals, elegant appearance design, and integration of revolutionary and innovative technology.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: Mystery

        Omin's secret club is not only a weapon, but also a spirit. With exquisite craftsmanship, we can show our talents with complexity. Mystery spirit exploration, in the long river of time has never been afraid of the baptism of opponents. Every omin secret club shows the achievements of international masters. With meticulous and rigorous design and increasingly perfect technology, omin secret has become one of the most influential Club brands in the world.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: Gono

        Have a complete and scientific quality management system. With integrity, strength and product quality to obtain industry recognition. The quality of its billiards products is excellent, and it is worth starting with.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: Jianying

        Founded in 1988, Jianying billiards Co., Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural ancient city of Linhai, Zhejiang Province. The new factory covers an area of 30000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 10000 billiards tables and 1 million billiards clubs, ranking among the best in China.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: Haibo

        Haibo sporting goods Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. From 2002 to 2008, its main sales areas are Europe, America and Southeast Asia. In 2008, the company began to focus on the sales of Chinese mainland based on the Internet. In line with the slogan of "integrity based, innovation to the far" to provide customers with the best quality, the best all-round service. And constantly update products, develop billiards market, acting as an international well-known brand. Expand to a wider area.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: BS billiards club

        Shanghai grey hawk Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the sale of all kinds of billiard clubs, billiard clubs and other sports products.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: Wandi

        Wandi Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of molds and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Wandi Trading Co., Ltd. are recognized by the industry.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: Maple Leaf

        Shanghai Fengye sporting goods Co., Ltd. integrates science and technology with sports, and is committed to the development and application of all people's wisdom fitness products. The "Shenhui" brand fully automatic chess and card table produced by the company is made of high-level special motor for chess and card table, high-performance optical, electrical and magnetic electrical control system, high-strength and high-quality new materials. It is an ideal and humanized terminal sports entertainment product after strict, orderly and refined combination installation.

        Ten famous brands of billiards club: LP

        LP company has been recognized as a leader in the field of sports medicine and technical protective clothing industry, and has been deeply influenced by sports medicine experts. Our goal is to design, manufacture and sell advanced products, enhance damage treatment and enhance the performance of sports equipment. Through extensive research, innovative design, the introduction of the concept of revolutionary binding. The story of athletes' success tells us that this is achieved through our efforts. Encourage us to create high-performance protection support to meet their sports needs.

        The above is the top ten famous brands of billiards club provided by this issue for your reference only. At the end of this issue, I will tell you some brief misunderstandings about billiards club: the heavier the club, the stronger the plug. The longer the club, the more stable the shot. The weight of the club can indeed increase the impulse of the club to touch the ball, but the strength of the rotation depends more on the integrity and penetration of the force, rather than how much force you use to hit the ball. The overweight club will affect the stability of the hand when the force is applied, reduce the hitting accuracy, and it is difficult to control. In fact, a long club can not improve the stability of hitting, on the contrary, it will reduce, because the longer the club is, the greater the torque of front and back movement, and the greater the possibility of deformation. The fact that the length of the clubs used in the official competition is not less than 135mm, as stipulated by the International Taiwan Federation, fully illustrates this point. There is more connection between this problem and the technical level, which is also the most difficult point I mentioned at the beginning of this article.